You are probably wondering how the session will be like in Minty Mist Photography. Will Minty Mist Photography be a right choice for you? You are at the right place and hope the following article can help you have a better idea.

Minty Mist Photography is Filmy, Moody and Story Telling Lifestyle Photography. I do a lot of candid moment shooting. What I love about candid photos are the stories inside. I don’t do classic posing. Instead, I direct people to make moments for them and capture those moments using my camera. It is telling a story through photos.

Often times the biggest concern is not knowing how to pose well. I used to direct people into specific poses. It often did not come through as authentic. Why? Because no matter how well you copy the example, it will never look as natural as your own unique personality. Every person, every couple and every family is different and my style will capture each person’s unique personality in the best way.

So I came up with the new solution on poses. I don’t have pose example for you to copy. Instead, I create moments for you and I let you come out these poses on your own. Sounds interesting, right?

Just take a look at the photo below. What do you see? A very happy couple, right? I just love their smile. The laugh is so big that it catches my eyes immediately. The moment I saw this photo, I want to smile also. This is a typical and perfect example to show you what I love to capture. For them, it is a super happy moment. The bride doesn’t have her eyes open and look at the camera, but does that really matter? Not at all.

Now let me pull out another example. What we see is that this couple is sharing a happy moment. This is not a pose, just the two of them talking and laughing. It is quite personal, but the photo is full of emotion.

I shoot outdoor mainly. We will usually meet at a clean and quiet park. I would like to spend a few minutes and get familiar with the area and with you. Typically during the session, how I help create moments for you is by talking with you or even playing simple games. None of them are difficult to do. The major purpose is help you relax and focus on each other. The session is about you, not me. It’s natural to feel a little nervous in the beginning, but once you are a few minutes in you will relax immediately. In fact, some people are so excited and cannot wait for my next direction. It is just like friend’s hanging out and full of fun.

While you are having fun, sharing all the lovely moments with each other, I will be on the side and record all these moments with my camera. I might take a lot of photos and there are a lot of good ones inside.

This is a brief description of a typical session in Minty Mist Photography. I hope this can help a little bit explaining how I shoot and what I am trying to do. If you have any further question, you are mostly welcomed to let me know.