Hello, I am Cocoa (Stage name everyone calls me).

I’m a small human with a huge passion to create and explore. I love telling raw, natural stories through my lens, I’m a light chaser and a visual storyteller. I’m based in San Francisco Bay Area, but I am available to travel anywhere you need me to.

To me, lifestyle photography is a kind of observing photography, which has very little impact on the original scenes and the environment the photos are taken in. It’s not about the pose, it’s about genuine situations and emotions. Something very personal.

I want to tell your story in a visual way - I want to tell the story of your day, the day that you become one with the one that you are on fire for and completely, irrevocably in love with. My approach is authentic in a way that I capture your moments as they happen with a nice little handful of the pretty stuff in-between - or as I call it "a little bit of pinterest + a whole lot of emotion," the kind of photographs that make you smile, cry, laugh, or even burst into song when you see them - the kind that make you recollect the moment they were taken, years after the moment has passed and they are hanging on your walls or sitting carefully on a coffee table.

I would love to get in touch with you. If you want me to capture your story don’t hesitate and contact me.